Sameer Ladkat
Founder & Chairman

Sameer Ladkat is the Founder & Chairman of the Panama Group. A visionary leader and multitalented individual, Sameer spearheads the overall strategy of the Group.

Endowed with a rich entrepreneurial experience of 28 years, Sameer is credited with successfully initiating several ventures across diverse industry verticals. He epitomizes a synergy of thought leadership, business acumen and penchant for high performance; he has been instrumental in taking the Group to exciting new heights of growth.

It is his dislike for the ordinary and desire for the extraordinary that has fostered a culture of excellence within the organization. An optimist, avid reader, keen learner and inspiring orator, Sameer motivates colleagues to think out-of-the-box.

Gautam Ladkat
Co-Founder & Executive Director

A highly dynamic individual with infectious enthusiasm, Gautam Ladkat has played a pivotal role in the incorporation and management of the Group’s several businesses. His strategic insights have made positive impact on the operational and financial performance of the companies.

Gautam brings to the table 15 years’ hands-on experience in the real estate sector; he spearheaded the land and property acquisition processes for all the Group companies, besides being a key decision maker for colossal infrastructure projects in India.

It is Gautam’s visionary leadership and futuristic thinking that is empowering the Panama Group to break new ground in the premium property development arena.

Sagar Shah
CEO - Water & Agri Divisions

A passionate agriculturist with an innovative outlook, Sagar is blessed with a deep understanding of the complexities in the Indian agriculture landscape. He leverages 21 years of rich domain experience to make things better. He wholeheartedly believes that things can be turned around by improving efficiency and strengthening the entire agricultural production cycle. He strongly advocates the standpoint that innovative technologies, when applied appropriately, would greatly improve food production, storage as well as delivery. Consequently it will lead to increasing the availability of food grains for the subcontinent’s growing population.

Sagar is equally passionate about Water Management. His valuable expertise in planning for water supply systems, water conservation, planning in reduction of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) has been instrumental in bringing in accountability and transparency in the water distribution system.