Anaerobic Storage Solution

“gas-tight or air-tight”
Totally isolated from surrounding air

….is a tightly closed storage with modified atmospheric gases and humidity condition different than natural atmosphere gases (20.9% oxygen – O2 ; 79% Nitrogen – N2 ; 0.03% Carbon Dioxide –CO2) and humidity.


Anaerobic Storage Principle

  • If the organism is sealed in gas tight storage, the ecosystem will be modified.
  • Living Organisms respiration causing O2 depletion and gives off CO2.
  • High CO2 level kills living insects and suppresses new development.
  • Low O2 level prevents myco- and aflatoxins development andchemical oxidation.
  • This hermetic condition is kept as long as no gas leak from any opening or permeating through the storage material.

New Addition

Anaerobic Process


Insect Respiration

  • In warm tropical climates O2 intake by insects is very intensive, therefore O2 depletion and CO2 elevation is very fast.
  • Conversely in temperature climates, insects metabolism is much slower, depletion of O2 may be lower than its ingress, and insect control may not be achieved.


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