• Annually over 2.6 billion Tons of Food Grains, Pulses & Oil Seeds are grown and stored along the Chain from producers to Consumers, treating with harmful chemicals to protect the food grains from infestation.
• In the absence of scientific storage facility we loose almost 30% of our produce, that’s about one third of food grains produced is lost.
• As per estimates globally we lose nearly 500 million tons of food grains every year because of infestation, fungal attack & rotting.
• Which results in excess seeding of nearly 250 million hectares of land every year.
• That is nearly 20% more food grains would have to be produced to cater to the demand every year.

Post Harvest Storage Methods & Storage Problems

Conventional Warehouse , Steel Silod , Molds , Infection , Aromas Loss , Oxidation , Rodents , Birds

Issues of storage for farmer

  • No scientific storage facility available
  • Distress sale of produce
  • Loss of produce because High cost of fumigation
  • Loss of of Quantity & Quality
  • High storage cost of good warehouse

Issue of Storage for Buffer Stock

  • Loss of stock because of infestation
  • Use of harmful chemicals
  • High cost of fumigation
  • Loss of Quantity & Quality (Contamination & Odor)
  • Manpower cost of fumigation

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