About Us

Save Grains Bags started off its journey in the year 2015/16. The very idea of our company although, had taken root in our minds quite a long time ago. Our aim was to provide a complete and clear solution to all the problems commonly experienced in the agricultural sector. Agriculture, which is a part of the primary sector is known to be the largest occupation that is taken up by Indians.
While our country produces in great quantity, it greatly lacks in the facility of proper infrastructure for storage. According to statistics, almost 55 to 60% of the yearly produce of maximum farmers is compromised by qualitative or quantitative damage.
This problem continues even in the 21st century when technology is progressing rapidly.The most important of issues, begins right after the harvest of crops is completed and the storage process begins. Our team came together to uproot this problem from its very core.
Our team of experts has achieved great knowledge in the field of Polymer Sciences and Advanced Chemical Synthesis. We work in India as well as hold numerous exhibitions of our products and services on an international level, in many countries.
Through our research and experiments, we provide advanced agricultural solutions through excellent packaging. Our bags are ultra-high barrier multi-layered bags manufactured with advanced Japanese technology and ‘EVOH’ (gas barrier polymer) inside. These bags are characterized as more than 50 microns. One bag can be used to store 25, 50, 100 kg of grains without any pesticides, in their natural state for about 2 to 2.5 years. Our bags are 100 percent natural means of storage.
Long shelf life, affordability and proper care of crops have always been our prime motivators and have pushed us to offer excellent preservation services of grains at absolutely affordable prices.

Our Vision

At the time of our company’s inauguration, our team had one vision deep-rooted in our mind. We wish to create and nurture an India where only happiness and good health would thrive.

Our Mission

Our first prime mission is to inform and educate farmers about the latest technologies and to ensure their availability at a reasonable cost. Our second prime mission is for the house wives of India, who have set out on a business journey. This mission is to assist them in the clean and proper storage of grains.

IIFPT has done storage test four different grain - Rice , Chick peas , Turr Dal , Wheat using save grain bags and from the observation . Save Grain Bags have given excellent result for the mentioned food grains on quality parameter during the storage period. The similar result could be expected for other food grain also.