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The SaveGrain Bags is part of Panama Group which is a growing business consortium that positively touches the lives of people in different ways. With a broad operating footprint covering Renewable Energy, Water Management, Agri Services and Real Estate, the Panama Group has set new benchmarks in operational excellence. It represents an exciting journey of growth and performance that is underlined by value creation at every milestone.

Panama has been providing Scientific bulk food grain storage solution using Silo Bags technology to State & Central Governments for storing Wheat which is distributed in the Public Distribution System by Government of India. We have been providing the scientific food grain storage services to MP State Government since 2012 and we have till date stored more than 3,00,000 MT of wheat successfully for period of close to 2 years.

With storage services we were also provided services of procurement, packing in 50Kg bags for distribution in PDS for the state of Madhya Pradesh and for the FCI central pool.

As we were procuring wheat in large quantities we used to interact with thousands of farmers and discuss about farming practices, viability, production storage and many other aspects of their life. Majority of the farmers were amazed looking at the Silo Bag storage system, which does not require any infrastructure, can create storage facility any were in short period of time and can be shifted any were we want. Finally at the end of the discussion all of them used to tell us develop some thig similar for us also in small size as we lose quite a lot of food grains because of infestation and distress sales, because we don’t have scientific and cost effective storage facility.

When we conducted a small survey across India and checked with the farmers what are their problems regarding storage of their produce at the farm level, we were surprised to know that almost 15 to 20% of their produce were lost because of infestation, Rodent attack, oxidization, aroma loss and moisture loss.

In the survey we also came to know that farmers want to hold their produce and sell when the price is good for them but because of the above problem they are forced to sell the produce immediately after harvesting when the prices are low which results in financial losses to the farmer.

Our team took up the challenge to reduce the size of Hermetic Storage system from 300 tons to 50 Kg, this is the size farmers were looking at. We discussed and worked with different packaging experts and agriculture experts about the challenge faced by the farmers and after almost 1 year of research, trials and tests we developed SaveGrain Bags which is cost effective solution tailor made for the farmers. SaveGrain Bags can be used not only by farmers but anyone who wants to store food grains, seeds, beans, nuts, spices and herbs, flours at farm or at shop, home or Warehouse. SaveGrain Bags will protect the product from infestation organically without using any harmful chemicals.

SaveGrain Bags are available across the country through our Channel Partner, Dealer & Retail network and also available on all leading e-commerce websites.

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