Average CO2 & O2
concentration (%)

Anaerobic Storage Solution

Totally isolated from surrounding air …is a tightly closed storage with modified atmospheric gases and humidity condition different than natural atmosphere gases (20.9% Oxygen – O2;79% Nitrogen – N2;0.03% Cardbon Dioxide – CO2 and humidity

Anaerobic Storage

  • If the organism is sealed in gas tight storage, the ecosystem will be modified
  • Living Organisms respiration causing O2 depletion and gives off CO2
  • High CO2 level kills living insects and suppresses new development.
  • Low O2 level prevents myco – and aflatoxins development and chemival oxidation
  • This Anaerobic Condition is kept as long as no gas leak from my opening or permeating through the storage material.

EVOH Japanese Technology

Insect Respiration

In warm tropical climates O2 intake by insects is very intensive, therefore O2 depletion and CO2 elevation is very fast.
Conversely in temperature climates, insects metabolism is much slower, depletion of O2 may be lower than its ingress, and insect control may not be achieved.